Eating at up scale restaurants in Bangalore!

Does ambience count when it comes to eating for a lunch or dinner especially if it is a planned outing? It very much counts for me. I have found myself to be lenient towards not so appreciative cuisine if the ambience of the restaurant makes me feel good.

Thought of listing down few places that makes for a great evening if you are going out for dinner. Please note this is not in order of rating or preference.

Aura, on Cunningham road – Had visited this joint a few years ago and the ambience made me feel quite comfortable after a hectic day. The ambience is almost outdoor and relaxed in the evening.

Second on my list would be Sahib Sindh Sultan at Forum mall. Have visited this place quite often and the first time I saw the train set-up with the royal finish to the ambience I was overwhelmed. If you have some money to put in for a relaxed & expensive dinner book your table right away.

Next the restaurant that comes to my mind is Trivoli Gardens, the roof top restaurant of Capitol hotel on Rajbhavan road, right next to my radio station – All India Radio. It has a great outdoor ambience. Good to go for lunch or dinner but I think one would enjoy the ambience better when gone for a dinner. The service and luckily the North Indian cuisine too is excellent. Definitely worth a try.

A recent article that I wrote on the current generation not minding spending excessively on entertainment revealed to me that a lot of people prefer going to Grasshopper, a restaurant situated in a farm house on Bannerghatta Road. Am yet to check it out, but the feedback has been good. Have written about it too in the feature, but can confirm on its excellent ambience only when I check it out myself.

As of now this is what that comes on my mind regarding excellent ambience oriented restaurants in Bangalore. Obviously over here I am not talking of star hotels.

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