The need to feel good during pregnancy

It’s funny but many women do not make a conscious effort to feel good during theri pregnancy. I say this from my experience and itneractions with my close blood relations who have been pregnant in the recent past.

With one or two children becoming the norm, unless of course you are one of those rare women who have the urge to go through the birthing process again and again, women in their pregnancy need to feel happy to the extent possible during pregnancy.

For one the phase wouldn’t repeat easily and it is good time to take a break from work if you can. Yes pregnancy is to be enjoyed not to be dealt with unnecessary stress. Of course if your Obstetrician allows and if you feel you are fit to be working until the next month and most importantly, you have a work place that has peers who encourage you and not bother you with irritable stares, then you should do what you feel is right.

In my current work stint I happen to see so many pregnant women, I wonder if they feel happy or scared or tired to go through this journey. From my end I would like to wish all the pregnant women -Enjoy the phase if you can. Pamper yourself and feel good. You are Pregnant and You are Special.

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