Kapu Beach in Coastal Karnataka that will not fail to mesmerize you

It was for a personal commitment that I had to travel to coastal Karnataka, a place that I have strong connections thanks to it being my birth place.

So in the month of April in sweltering heat I travelled to Udupi and Mangalore.

As the train was reaching the station I had already had a big smile on my face seeing the lush green coconut trees in abundance.


(A common sight everywhere you would travel in Udupi and nearby towns). Picture by Reshma Krishnamurthy.

After visiting a few temples from the temple town it was time to catch up on Malpe beach as I had read on some new pathway being built that was good but not worth taking the effort to walk on a sunny afternoon. It is the seawalkway on the beach.


Probably the evenings are better to go for a walk on this pathway but it has a more interesting tourism activity of taking a boat to St.Mary’s island that can be done. I had travelled in an earlier trip on the boat and that was truly enjoyable being on the boat and being on the St.Mary’s island.

Of course the month was October unlike now when it was April. Soon I had to decide to travel to another destination before i considered a halt at a relative’s house. So I went to Kapu beach (again..yes was travelling for the second time ) but it was beautiful yet again.


(A picturesque scenery captured while travelling in the local transport in a state run bus-Picture by Reshma Krishnamurthy at Udupi).

On a solo trip I decided to take a bus if possible to kaup beach when an auto driver suggested he would take me from Malpe beach to Kapu all along at an agreeable fare. So as I opened up the google maps to be sure of the direction, the driver took me on a different route accompanying the waters all along the way. The journey was beautiful and we reached in about 40 minutes.

It was already around 5pm and I just wanted time to freeze.


(Lighthouse at Kaup beach, Udupi, Karnataka. Photograph by Reshma Krishnamurthy-a travel lover, mum, stories curator, storyteller, blogger, writer and founder of Mums and Stories)

As I saw in awe the clean sands and the shore I was most excited that there was an option of climbing the light house.


As I struggled with my backpack and going through a bit nervously in the circular steps and crowds, the entire effort was worth it when I saw the green lush carpet laid natural greenery and the ocean.



(Sunset as seen from Kapu beach lighthouse tower. Picture by Reshma Krishnamurthy)

The best part of the beach was that it was almost litter free, no plastic and it is still untouched.

One cannot get into deep waters here but it is a perfect location for an ideal family evening outing, a space you can consider to visit if you want to experience unadulterated commercialization. The lush greenery and the positive vibe will take you to a different world.

After this the next day, I did visit Panambur beach too before closing on my quick visit to the coastal town but Kapu beach is spectacular and the visit to light house is worth your time. Do note the light house can be climbed only in the evenings. There are huge boulders to climb and every moment you spend on the beach gets you mesmerized.


(View from lighthouse at Kapu beach, Photograph by reshma krishnamurthy)

If you are planning a visit to Mangalore and particularly to Udupi too, do not miss Kapu.

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