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Breakfast theme outings on Saturday mornings

Last week I had been to a story session for adults which revolved around a food information story session in Bangalore. The session was held by one of the popular storytellers in Bangalore and a simple breakfast was presented to the audience. So it was a session over breakfast. I had been there alone and got to interact with a few other participants, some who had come with family, some single and some of them being friends outing on a Saturday morning breakfast. Though I was unable to decide at the end of the session whether I truly liked the session what I did feel was it was a different outing in my experiences list and felt good about that.

So it is no longer Sunday brunches that have been attracting Bangaloreans as an outing. Now we have Saturday theme breakfast sessions too.

Again it was only last week that I tried looking for walks to go in and around Bangalore, specifically for heritage walks. And the ones I checked indicated walks ending with a sumptuous breakfast at a south Indian eatery.

As more number of people are trying to explore new forms of outings either for ‘me time’ or family, looks like Saturday breakfast sessions are here to stay.

Maybe soon we will have story session over a breakfast. Maybe I would begin that soon.

Ragi Gudda Temple at 9th Block Jayanagar, Bangalore

Starting a new space for travel stories within and beyond Bangalore.

 If anyone, particularly a woman traveler single or with a child (or a group of women travelers’) want to join me for exploring Bangalore or now known as Bengaluru, do get in touch with me for arranging your customized tours.

Click on the contact me page, and send across your details and rough travel plans. We can get it going to explore Bangalore for a day or two.

Here is a brief introduction of a temple that I like to visit -that is beautiful and has made me feel that it has a aura around it.

RagiGuddaTemple at 9th Block Jayanagar, Bangalore

Lord Anjeneya (in Kannada) or Hanuman  is one of among the several worshipped gods in India. However a lot of people believe in Lord Hanuman for sorting out their lives. This particular temple has the history that it was created when a heap of ragi ( a variant in food grain used in Karnataka) became a stone symbolizing hanuman and has been hence worshipped over there by devotees. The temple has been officially in existence for over a period of over forty years and is one of the most visited temples in Bangalore.

Tuesdays and Saturdays are considered auspicious to visit a Hanuman or Anjeneya temple and this one too is no exception.

Better to visit the temple between 8.00 am and 11.45 noon and between 5.30-8.00pm

Took a few pictures at this picturesque temple that has number of scenic locations. It is atop a hill and the hilltop presents a good viewpoint of Bangalore city,(South Bangalore).

At the foot of the temple resides, the idols of Ganesha along with goddess Annapoorneshwari (raw rice (uncooked rice) is given as gift that is used for prasadam and other distribution purpose), and the Navagraha temple.

After a flight of close to 87 steps you can reach the main Anjeneya temple that has the presence of magnificent Lord Hanuman along with Lord Shiva and the threesome Ram, Sita and Lakshman.

Make sure if you have time and the interest to visit Bangalore temples, pay a visit to this one.



Photograph of Ragigudda temple, 9th Block Jayanagar- Taken by Reshma Krishnamurthy Sharma
Temples in South Bangalore

Main Entrance of Ragigudda temple View from atop Ragigudda View of the main Ragigudda temple














 General Rules for travelers from India, especially International tourists when visiting Indian temples

  • There would generally be a footwear stand near or outside the temple premises. So make sure you follow the rules of not stepping inside any temple with your footwear.
  • Many temples do not allow photographs or videos to be taken of deities so do respect the rule and find out if it can be taken.
  • Ideal if you are conservatively dressed for a temple –Temple authorities in Bangalore are not too fussy, if you are a woman traveler- you can wear jeans with tops, salwars, saris, long skirts ; anything that would keep your legs covered and your shoulders covered too. Men can be dressed in any comfortable attire but avoid shorts.
  • It is not generally written on temple rule boards/guidelines but Indian temples as a cultural belief, do not encourage women during their menstrual cycles to visit the temple. So please avoid visiting a temple during this time.

You are bound to find many temples in North India that have white/porcelain or marble finish idols and in South, black idols. This perhaps was due to earlier caste culture existing in the country, but over the years it is accepted and now we South Indians want to worship our gods who rich in black