An experience watching Kahaani-Vidya Balan starrer

Since the time I have enjoyed reading novels which is more of a recent activity than my teenage habit, I have enjoyed murder mysteries and thrillers. Whether it was novels, plays or movies I have always been fond of thrillers, particularly murder mysteries.

Watching ‘Kahaani’ was one of the most enjoyable activities that I had undertaken in leisure since the last fortnight. An actress who undoubtedly gets moulded very well under the supervision of an able director, Vidya Balan really makes you feel heroines in Indian cinema can get audiences without a ‘hero’.

I was not in too much awe of ‘Dirty Picture’ due to various reasons as I somehow felt skin showing was not really required for the script. (I don’t care if you think I am of conservative ideas. But it’s my opinion).

Being a mother myself and reliving the pauses that the actress shows to indicate a pregnant lady’s gait, mannerisms, and opinion of how others view a pregnant woman in India was really good. Yes like a good story the movie keeps you engaged until the end and it is the end that makes you feel it’s paisa vasool. For a person like me watching pregnant women on a daily basis (courtesy the place I work, a mum and baby care hospital), the climax did give me a shock value to make me feel ‘ God forbid I witness something like this in real life!!)

One of the few movies where you keep going back to the scenes to relive those moments, Kahaani is something I would be happy to recommend for others to view it.  And I am indeed contemplating of watching it again maybe with a few women colleagues. Let’s see.

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