Review of English Vinglish -from my perspective

It’s been quite some time right since I happened to watch  a Sridevi movie and this one of Sridevi -English Vinglish -I actually went for it only after receiving a lot of good reviews for it.

I had my own apprehensions in the beginning when the movie was announced as I had quite disliked one of my other favorite actresses so called comeback -Aaja Nachle.

As I sat in the theatre, for a night show after a  interesting work day, I actually started relating to the movie in many ways. Perhaps I was the brat where I would think my mom doesn’t know English like the daughter shown in the movie or mine and my mother’s first flight to London where neither her or me (in my fifth grade) didn’t know the right usage of the language.

Yes I did my schooling where that was the best one in that area but when I came to Bangalore to join Kumarans, I was completely freaked out.

Today as I write the blog and hold my job as a Communication Manager I do feel it has been a long journey though it can be better in the coming years.

Coming to the movie, Sridevi looked her age and I was actually glad scripts are written according to the required characterization and did not feature a young heroine.  Thank you Gauri (director of the movie)  for making people realize people need not be Judge mental (as spoken in the movie) of anyone in life.


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