Chennai Express- Bokwaas… to the core

There you go. Being a person born and brought up most part of my life in southern part of the country, I did expect a little bit of authenticity from the director and the lead actress Rohit Shetty and Deepika Padukone respectively, who are born south canara people. But hey, I guess I did expect too much from a intended nonsensical film.

I had to go for this movie as my ticket was already bought by my friend. Looking at the hype and interest of those around me I thought maybe I could be wrong. But naah-it was out & out bokwaas -the only phrase that kept ringing in my mind when returning back home after the movie.

Be it Deepika’s complete wrong accent -showing a Tamilian in poor light or the stereotype characters of southern India shown in the film or SRK’s romantic streak. Please…we have better heroes to play romantic characters. It is time Shah Rukh to move to mature roles that suit your age. The movie plot is taken from countless southern movies that had almost similar themes two decades ago.

My frustration is not because the movie is very bad but because I have contributed to its so-called box office collection.

Next time I will go with my gut feeling of not to watch bokwaas movies. It’s time to wait until the first week of a Hindi film release and then watch it. At least I can make the decision based on several reviews- paid and unpaid.





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