Disgusting lyrics that make me as a woman cringe and hate talented Indian actresses.

I happened to read a few days ago in the supplement of the daily I get at home that Kareena Kapoor the cine actress will be starring in a song that praises her booty. Repelled by such meaningless writing and journalism, I just moved on to read something else.

Yesterday I happened to watch the video of the song (on the telly) of the upcoming film ’Gori Tere Pyaar Mein’ in which Imraan Khan and Kareena have been featured.

A few years ago I had written a similar article (link mentioned at the end of the article) when I was unhappy seeing one of my admired young actress Deepika Padukone dancing to a disgusting number where she smirks saying ‘kal to mera skirt keechega na? keechega ya nahin?”. Today we have Kareena dancing to this song that refers to the rear side in Punjabi, Gore gore, round -round ,naughty naughty toonh’

Heavens… please give some sense to those working in films. It is complete insensitivity and lack of talent that make writers write these song and women get featured in these. Stop the torture. It doesn’t even have good music or a humming tune for people to feel good.

It is time talented women from the film industry, more importantly sensible women taught their sons, and explain to men in large that women SHOULD NOT BE SEEN AS AN OBJECT.

When you women are already doing great in your careers, I am sure you have a say to where you can agree to dance to a number and where you put your foot down.  You women have sure shown the changing India that there are depth-oriented roles for you and scripts written for you. ( Though I completely was aghast at the Dirty Picture with the so called depth oriented role for Ms. Balan).

It is men in villages, upcountry and of course in cities who need to be made understand that women are absolutely more valuable than their bodies. Only if women themselves stop describing themselves in disgusting manner, hopefully some change would happen. I really do not want this song to be played in future marriages that would occur in the next year and least my child sing even a line of it.

Please so called lyricists and music directors, directors and actors do not make women look degraded. I really hope there is an end to these songs and the damn item songs in hindi films.

Of late I have begun to feel it is the mind which is more sexier than anything else. I don’t know I have found many women who admit to admire men who are intelligent, charismatic, good humored and polished. It is not that we have not liked men who are good-looking but never to the extent that makes a woman or a man feel objectified.

I am sure this song like many other films are looking for promotional value but such numbers are definably going to detest me to avoid these films at any cost.






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