Mood off: Rain or shine

Instead of complaining that the weather is rainy, hot or cloudy, why don’t we think of the people, who are in jobs that make them work regardless of the weather.

Look at the sunny weather. It’s so beautiful. Why not take off from work and spend the day outdoors, this is not a typical Englishman’s comment on the occasional sunny weather in London.

This wish may erupt within us; though it’s very unlikely that we would take off from work in Bangalore due to pleasant weather. Yes, weather seems to have an effect on all of us, no matter where we live.

It is the general perception that sunny or pleasant weather makes us feel more willing to go to work rather than a gloomy day. Moods or behaviour or for that matter, the way we feel at work depends on the weather.

Studies have shown that like colours, weather too has an effect on how we feel early in the morning. Often, at the start of the day, rain makes us feel less energetic while bright weather gives us no reason to feel gloomy.

If you are already feeling warm reading this, think again. Perhaps, such feelings get more predominant when a person doesn’t have to think of making both ends meet as the first thing in the morning.

A milkman or the young newspaper vendor, who no matter what, has to follow a strict schedule to maintain his day’s work. He may crib internally, on the weather, but that will really not affect the way he would go about with his work.

Newspapers have to be collected and distributed on time. He does not have the lenience that, probably, a regular office-goer would get. He cannot stretch his sleep time by a couple of minutes.

It is not the same for those working for organisations that maintain time in the strictest sense for work.

A radio jockey — for example — has to sound chirpy, cheerful, and energetic even if he or she has to come to the station at sunrise, amidst biting cold. So does a call-centre executive, who has to shake himself up through any means whatsoever, on the scheduled time as the cab driver would not wait for him.

With schedules sticking to the timelines of other countries, executives in BPOs do not have the choice at their dispositions to even analyse or comment on the weather. Their voice has to sound attentive, concerned and should have an attitude of a problem-solver right from the first call they receive.

Instead of complaining that the weather is rainy, hot or cloudy, why don’t we think of the people, who are in jobs that make them work regardless of the weather. Would a small grocery store owner in the neighbourhood worry about how weather would affect his mood? On a cloudy day he may be more concerned whether he would have enough customers, rather than making himself comfortable by relishing a cup of hot coffee.

These days we put the blame of being late on a shade of bad weather. “Oh! It rained so heavily this morning. The city was choked with more traffic, making me late.” If it doesn’t rain we complain, if it rains we complain. All this is in a city that has one of the finest weather conditions in the country!

Feeling lazy once in a while on a rainy day is perhaps acceptable. One finds such excuses to push aside one’s daily chores like not getting up to go for morning walks. One goes to the office in a foul mood and blames it on the rainy weather.

We may like to believe that weather affects our moods but let it not be such that our regular chores get affected due to slight weather changes. After all, we are not living in that part of the globe where we face extreme climatic conditions. Thank the Weather God for that!

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