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An article that I wrote about people with different professions at the same time, I realized I belonged to the same category as well! I was an RJ for FM Rainbow 101.3 MHz for a good six years, a freelance writer, voice over artist, compeer and sometimes enacted my role as a publicity manager; that’s what defined me professionally. But I think there’s a lot more to one’s personality than just a professional identity.

Getting back to where the journey of writing began, I am back into mainstream writing as an independent contributor on lifestyle, pregnancy, parenting and women.

More importantly I am on a mission to establish a platform for mums called Mums and stories. You can read little more about it in this article featured in the Hindu Metro Plus

– http://www.thehindu.com/features/metroplus/passions-chronicling-the-mom-diaries/article8184143.ece

You will find couple of articles that were published in the Deccan Herald supplement -Living or the Metro Plus of Hindu and earlier Vijay Times. I have written for a websites as well. Hope you will find  something of interest to you.

Thanks for reading and spending your time on reshmaks.com


I have spent a good part of my life as a Public Relations Executive!  I have worked in couple of PR agencies and ultimately I gave up working as a senior PR executive, as it was much better to work independently for a few clients. Even today if a project seems interesting, something which can be publicized or marketed I do take it up. I have independently handled PR for plays, lifestyle exhibitions and so on.


After about five years of experience in P.R, I moved on to another medium where I had never imagined that one day it would mean the world to me. RADIO changed my life completely as it gave me the opportunity to be myself. Though I must admit that before radio I even tried being on television and had a short stint in the Television world hosting a few regional shows on ETV Kannada for a program known as ‘ Gelathi ’ and for Udaya TV for program known as ‘ Nimminda Nimagagi ’.

By now you would have guessed it? Yes! I am a person who wants to try as many fields as I can. Who knows what would I do tomorrow?

An Article published in Deccan Herald on me!