Reshma – The RJ

At one point of time I had this thought that radio and me sounded synonymous. With radio an important aspect automatically gets associated – MUSIC. One can figure out that being an RJ you get to play and listen to music all the time as long as you are at work. Whether it is Kannada, Hindi or English I had  my favorites and to be honest about seventy percent of listeners used to approve of my choice of music on my show. The mystery of an unknown listener liking your voice and the music you play, sending appreciative messages, getting to know people better, meeting celebrities, that is what radio’s charm all about.

I used to be known as Reshma Krishnamurthy to the listeners of FM Rainbow. Even otherwise other than in print I am generally known as Reshma Krishnamurthy. Now the name may sound mysterious to many people, however  that is a different story which I shall discuss some other time.

 The excitement of being on air used to be thrilling. Come to think about it, the mystery remained as in every show either in the morning or in the afternoon that I used to host. There were many times when I would wonder who is listening and hoped either the song I play or something I say, makes them smile and cheerful for a few moments at least. The proof has been when I would meet people in my neighbourhood or at otehr stores ans would say I am Reshma Krishnamurthy of Rainbow and they would give such an exclaimed and stunned look that they didn’t excpect to come face to face. Some of them course generously have given nice compliments. Thanks one and all.

If I have to sound like one of the experts of whatever little I know of RJing, it requires one to take on the shoes of a alert technician, good host, empathizer with listener, get to know what makes them smile at any time of the day and be good at interviewing guests as well.

The response of listeners to most of the shows thankfully had been positive and I am really thankful to each one of them for giving me the encouragement me whenever I needed.


These years have given me wonderful opportunities to talk to celebrities along with listeners and I do find every interview challenging and an experience to be remembered. I got opportunities to talk to Kavita Krishnamurthy Subramaniam and Vasundara Das over phone and got them on tele-call on radio. From the corporate sector it was wonderful to talk to Kiran Mazumdar Shaw on International Women’s Day a few years ago. The same day I got to talk to the spirited sports person on radio –Malati Hollal. Would love to meet her someday. These were over phone but a series that our station started gave me the opportunity of interviewing well known personalities including Vani Ganapathy, Dr. Devi Shetty and one of my dad’s favourite heroines Sharmila Tagore.

Come 2011. Looks like Radio is a beautiful chapter in my life that has got over as the present timings at Rainbow don’t suit me and even otherwise I guess even if I do go back it would be like doing the same thing again and again. So with that note I think I should leave it at that. Obviously I am glad radio career was part of my life. Hopefully more anchoring or any other occassions where along with my writing even my voice would come into good use would come by!