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A Trip to the Zoo

Apoorva was quite excited of the note sent by her teacher to her parents in the class diary. Apoorva was in Class I and just around 6 years of age and could read the note slowly herself, to her mother. The note read, if interested to send your child for this year’s class trip. Do sign the form for ‘A VISIT TO THE ZOO’.

Date and other details are mentioned in the form.

The young girl’s mother while asking about the day in school told her that they would decide after discussing with her father. Apoorva waited every moment soon after her evening snack and milk to talk to her father.

Apoorva’s dad when he came back home late evening after work, reading the note surprisingly said “Yes”. He generally didn’t like Apoorva going on class trips for some reason, not very clear to Apoorva. But a trip to the Zoo got him to agree. Apoorva was ecstatic and hugged her father and mum for agreeing to this trip.

So came ‘the day’ of having to go the Zoo with classmates and teachers in the school bus. This was her first class trip and she was most excited to be in the school bus to see the animals. The teachers too seemed to be in that ‘extra fun’ mood. All were singing and playing antakshari and Apoorva and her best friends Ruchika and Shlok were too with her; happy and excited.

After some time they finally reached the zoo that was in the outskirts of the city. As the children were making a beeline to be guided by their teachers and school attendants Apoorva and her friends went inside and saw the very first cage that had peacocks including a white peacock who had spread her beautiful white feathers and was dancing.

All the kids were happy to see peacocks, peahens and then rabbits and birds. Soon after Apoorva went to her teacher and asked, “Madam, are the animals and birds happy to be in these cages or they are trapped here?”

Her madam answered that she will give the right information on this at the end of the visit and for now Apoorva could enjoy the zoo visit. She asked her not to worry about the animals as they were being taken care of by the Zoo keepers.

Once the class kids had seen various animals including Leopards, Elephants, tigers, snakes and hippopotamus, the kids were asked to have their lunch from the tiffin boxes they had got from home.

As biscuits and chocolates were distributed from the teachers to the students, Apoorva saw an uncle coming and standing next to the class teacher. He said turning to the kids, “Children, I hope you are happy being here as much as I am happy to have you all visit our zoo. I am the General Manager who supervises the Zoo’s daily activities. I think one of you have asked your teacher a very important question on whether these animals should be left in the wild woods and how we take care of them.

We are happy to say that the animals are kept here in the most hygiene conditions and surroundings that is similar to what they are used to in forests. Sometimes we get animals and birds who are injured and we need to take care of them.

So while I do agree living in the forests is much better for any animal, here too we are ensuring that their diet, skills in hunting and their surroundings are taken care of.”

All the kids were thrilled hearing this and Apoorva and her friends were clapping their hands in joy.

Now Apoorva was in much better state of mind to visit more animals who were in different enclosures and the day finally ended with a tiger safari which was the best part of visiting the zoo.

As it was getting late afternoon, the school teachers guided the children to the school bus and everyone came back home with lots of good memories.

Apoorva later in the evening in her home made a drawing of her visit to the zoo and stuck it to the bedroom door. Soon she went to sleep with good memories of the day; her trip to the zoo was going to be cherished by her.

Sun & Moon in a competition. Who wins?

Not so long ago, something unimaginable had happened in the Universe. It was an argument between two children who lived in the Universe.

So one day, the Sun decided to show his supremacy over the rest of the planets, stars, asteroids, everything in the Universe, more importantly his power over Mother Earth. So he tried to instigate the Moon by saying, ” I am the supreme lord. Without me the living beings on Earth cannot live happily. Even our Mother cannot live without me.  After hours of self proclaimation, the Moon said, ” You may be huge, but the beings on Earth have always adored me more than you.

Poems are written on me. People out there go for moonlight dinners. The animals and birds get to rest peacefully when I show up in the sky. I am very important and Mother Earth loves me more than you.”

For some unknown reason, the Sun then decided he will not revolve around the Earth for a few days. He wanted to show he was more important. The Moon too decided not to show her face to the Earth. Since the time this decision was taken, the climate on the Earth turned chaotic.

There were huge windstorms everywhere. The sunlight was no where to be seen. It was pitch darkness. The seas were behaving violent. Lands started getting flooded. Birds and animals were frightened. People were constantly moving from one place to another to be more secure. The Earth turned cold, wet and windy.

Human beings, animals, trees, birds, none understood what went wrong suddenly.

The scientists couldn’t explain this un natural occurrence. Religious leaders just asked people to pray for goodness to come. They asked people to help each other.

Most people tried doing good for others. This went on for days, nights until everyone felt they were all going to die. One day, Mother Earth put her hands up in the air and called for her kids, the Sun and the Moon.

She told them she was quiet all these days. But they had behaved very wrong. It was too much for her to bear their deeds. Their ego had hurt lives. Mother was crying. She said that she was ready to give up Earth. But the act of not doing what you are supposed to do had ended in an unhealthy example. She had come to say goodbye to her children, The Sun and the Moon.

Both were ashamed of themselves. They promised her, never again despite any fight, argument or anything, they will not give up doing their primary role of being present for the Earth.

They rushed back to sort things out. Many lives had ended but after several days of bad climate, the Sun shone again. People rejoiced with their children, pets, farms. They also made a silent prayer to mother earth not to anger her.

They wanted children to learn to protect nature as much as possible. They promised to plant at least one tree on Earth. Mother Earth was glad to see people making children learn about loving nature.

By evening, it was time for the Sun to go. The Moon got ready for her daily evening performance. She looked beautiful in her white gown. She came to her brother Sun and said, ” Nothing is worth hurting others. I am never going to do this again.” The Sun too promised her that he will behave well.

Mother Earth went back to sleep peacefully as her children had learnt not to hurt others.

Life was normal again thankfully on Earth.


Payal, the quiet girl who found her voice finally

Short story for kids aged between 4 to 8 years.

Payal was a very quiet girl. She would attend her new school, do all her worksheets regularly,  but she hardly interacted with anyone in her school or in the neighbourhood.

When any child would try to befriend her, she would excuse herself to find solace in her world of aloneness.

The class teacher after two months of school asked her parents to come and see her. Payal’s parents came to the school and explained to the teacher that Payal has always been a quiet child. And she wants to be left alone. They assured to the teacher that she had a loving environment at home. Even in her old school in a different town she had been a quiet child.

One day as Payal was walking towards the school gate a bright black butterfly with amazing designs on its wings came and sat on her shoulder. Suddenly Payal froze. She wanted to remain still in that position.

She just didn’t wanted to disturb the butterfly who seemed to enjoy resting on the little girl’s shoulder.

The security guard outside  the school gate whistled loudly as the school bell rang giraffe morning assembly. He saw Payal at a distance and asked her to get inside the gate. Payal didn’t utter a word. The guard now raised his voice and asked her to rush inside as he was closing the gate, or else he would complain to the teacher.

Payal gestured towards the resting butterfly and asked him to be quiet. The guard went inside and got the class teacher in s few minutes. Once the teacher saw Payal, she asked her what was she doing there outside when it was time for her to be in the classroom.

Payal whispered that she didn’t want to shoo away the butterfly. The teacher was stunned st the response and she angrily asked the girl to walk inside. But Payal nodded her head in disagreement.

After a few minutes the teacher who had angrily told Payal that she will be complaining to the Principal, came back with the entire batch of students from the class. By now it was almost an hour since Payal was standing still.

The teacher, Ms. Dixit said ” I was very upset this morning. When I told about you to the Principal Ma’m, she asked me to take a session here outside under the tree. So all students will be having an open classroom today. And you can join us when you are ready”.

Payal nodded her head now in complete agreement. After a class on mother nature and a drawing session, finally Payal was able to relax herself. The butterfly had flown away from her shoulder.

Payal walked up to her teacher and said that she felt like standing still as she identified with  the butterfly who wanted to just be there as it wanted. Not disturbed. The butterfly though just wanted to rest somewhere felt as though it seemed to love aloneness and that need not be loneliness.

Her teacher told her it was fine to be like her but it is nice to return smiles and build friendships in the world.

From that day Payal tried to converse little more with her classmates but she was often again seen happy being alone. And everyone too was fine with it.

It seemed as though Payal, (the meaning in India refers to anklet that makes subtle noise when the wearer  moves) found her voice.

She was the silent Payal. One finds anklets that don’t make any noise without the little bells and those are adored too by those who wear them.

She was like one of them, doing just fine and required acceptance.




Bruno & Bunny – Friends story for kids


bruno & bunny

Bruno a small growing puppy and bunny a rabbit, of the same age who were going to the animal school in a far away city.

Being the brats and the naughtiest of the animals in the class, they were sent outside the class as punishment. They had to stand for a good three hours until the school was over just outside the class.

” Bunny, do you think Rhino Madam will call my papa to tell him that I got the punishment today?”

Giggling, Bunny says, ” It’s okay I think. We’ll handle your papa. After all he knows us too well. Don’t you remember what your parents told us the last time we were caught on blowing soapy bubbles in class?”

” Yes I think as long as we don’t injure other kiddos in the class, it is fine.”

Just then Rhino madam walks out of the class and looks sternly at the two mischief mongers. ” I don’t see any regret on your faces darlings. Maybe it is time for stricter punishment” she says.

” Bruno, you will stand in the classroom and Bunny will be here outside, both of you not seeing each other for the rest of the day.”

Suddenly the slight smirk vanished from the two and they pleaded together, ” Sorry madam, please this will not happen again, never again we will throw paper rockets in the class. But we request you to let us stand together. Our legs are aching but it is conversations that is making us go through this turmoil smoothly.”

Rhino madam thought for a few seconds and said, ” Never means never again. Or else you both know what would be the consequence.”

As Rhino madam left the two naughty ones, Bruno and Bunny looked at each other and laughed as they were just happy to be together, no matter where they actually landed themselves for the day.


Shiro the Dino goes veg

Shiro was a cute little dinosaur born thousands of years ago. He liked being himself and not imitating what other dinos did. He would play with little animals, show concern if anyone in the jungle got hurt and had lots of friends.

His mother though had a tough time with him when it came to hone his eating habits. Shiro just hated meat and that happened to be the main food for these kind of dinosaurs. Shiro couldn’t gulp down his throat anything that was offered to him on the dining table. He would feel extremely sad at the thought that a goat or a lamb or a buffalo had been killed for his food. His mother, ‘Mama Dino tried hard in explaining to Shiro that dinosaurs were born to eat meat and kill animals. There was nothing wrong in it. But Shiro wanted to find a solution where he didn’t have to eat meat.

One day he saw a few cows grazing at the farms and just went and plucked a bunch of shiny grass to eat. Initially he found it little weird but soon liked the taste. Then a small bird flew near him and said that he could try some berries and fruits that were on the nearby tree.

Shiro perched his long neck and ate the fruits and he really liked them. The bird who was watching him said that it was surprising to see a dinosaur eating fruits and vegetarian food. Shiro asked “What is vegetarian food”?

“Well you don’t eat meat, egg or anything that has to kill animals.”, said the teeny weenie bird. Shiro was delighted when he heard this. “You mean I can live by being vegetarian, right?” he asked the bird. “Yes I think so said the bird skeptically.

Shiro had all the answers now. He went back home and told his mother that he has decided to become vegetarian. His mother, Mama Dino was flabbergasted. How can a dinosaur be a vegetarian she asked?

Shiro said, “ Like all the animals who are vegetarian, I want to be one too but out of choice. Please help me Mama.” His mom decided to give this try as no amount of coaxing and informing Shiro that eating meat will give him strength helped the little dino change his mind. He promised to look into all healthy foods available in vegetarian food and let her know how he could build on his strength too being a vegetarian..

Until Shiro lived he was always a vegetarian. And he had loved it as it dissolved him of the dilemma of not wanting to eat food on the dinner table.


A trip over the universe

This story has been rotating in my mind for a few days. Hope parents find it interesting enough to narrate it for children who are curious about planets.

Story for 4 to 7 year olds.

Adam was lying on the lush green grass at his grandma’s home. It was almost 9pm and he was surprised, no one yet had come out to the garden to instruct him to get back home. It was close to bed time.

Suddenly he saw a shining star in the sky. The black sky with stars looked as though it was a magical carpet with glittering artworks on it. 

Adam closed his eyes with these thoughts and went to a dreamland. When he opened his eyes after sometime, he saw a space ship. He quickly got in and wore a custom made silver grey astronaut suit in the space ship. He was asked by a computerised voice to sit on the driver’s seat.

Then on the screen inside the spaceship appeared a video saying ” get ready to tour the universe”.

After sometime he  saw from inside the spaceship that he was getting close to SUN. It was too hot and too bright. Adam quickly pressed the button NEXT and he was taken to MERCURY.  But on this planet, he felt it was too hot. Then he went to VENUS. It wasn’t as beautiful as he had heard in stories.

The computerised voice told him to enjoy the ride. He pressed the button NEXT and was led to MARS. As he was wondering what happened to EARTH, the voice told him that he is advised to visit all planets before coming back to EARTH.

Adam found MARS very strange, a land mass full of volcanoes. He didn’t like it at all.

Adam was missing EARTH already as he was very thirsty and there was no water anywhere, neither on MERCURY, VENUS or on MARS.

Then the spaceship led the curious boy to JUPITER. Adam had by now forgotten that he was thirsty. JUPITER was beautiful with rings around the planet. It looked really huge too but he felt if he chose to stay even for a day in JUPITER, he would become lonely. There was no sign of life at all unlike EARTH.

Then he pressed the button NEXT and  Adam was near SATURN. This planet had so many rings around it that it seemed too confusing even to step on it.

Soon Adam was on the next planet on this journey and that was at URANUS. Suddenly this planet appeared too cold. Strangely, Adam could feel the temperature of every planet even when he was in the spaceship. He didn’t require to step out at all.

When he pressed the button NEXT, the computerised voice told him that he would lastly see NEPTUNE. Adam quickly responded that there was PLUTO too. The voice replied that recent astronauts do not recognize PLUTO, so NEPTUNE would be the last destination before going back to EARTH.

NEPTUNE was even colder than He thought to himself, probably because the planet was do far from SUN, it was so cold at shivering temperature. 

Adam asked in a loud voice the spaceship and the voice to take him back to EARTH. ” I want to go back to EARTH, please please please I want to be on the beautiful EARTH, my planet.”

Adam was awakened by  a loud noise. Oh god, it was all a dream. His mom was calling out to him to come inside the house.

Adam hadn’t gone anywhere,perhaps no. But was he really on a spaceship? He still wasn’t sure. If he had gone, where had the spaceship disappeared?

Adam went inside home to his room and went to bed. It was a beautiful journey over the universe but he knew now, EARTH was the most beautiful. It was his planet, the land that gave him all the right reasons to live and to be happy.



A school on the hilltop

In a small village near Kolar, Karnataka in India there lived Shravan with his parents. Shravan was enthusiastic every morning as soon as the bells in the main temple in the village rung as part of routine prayers.

For the little lad, it was time for him to leave home to go to school. Shravan’s school was on a hilltop in the village and the only way to reach the school was to climb uneven broken steps, a steep climb for the little boy of 7 years. He had counted the steps multiple times in the past one year since he had started going to school. It was 104 steps.

Many years ago, a wealthy merchant abandoned his house on the hilltop and since then a retired teacher who was living in the city had come to the village and thought of converting it into a school. All the villagers were very happy that a school was ready for their children. So right from young children to older ones, all were taught by the teacher in one classroom. So right from young students to older children everyone learnt one subject and individually they were given class work according to their caliber and age.

“It’s school time again, time for me to learn a new concept today by the teacher thought Shravan as he was climbing the 73rd step.” There were others of course tagging behind him.  The student who reached early had the responsibility to organize a mini assembly like a prayer time. Shravan was hoping no one else had reached before him. Children between 6 and 14 were coming to the school to learn whatever the single teacher taught. Math, Geography, History, English, Kannada and one of the favorites of children Moral Science were taught to the children.

He once overheard a city boy who had come to the village for his summer holidays say how children in cities would be ferried in vans, buses and many times by their parent’s morning and evenings in jazzy cars and scooters. Shravan had laughed loudly on hearing the idea, his parents or any child’s parents hardly bothered if the child had reached the school. They were all too busy working in the fields. Farming was the livelihood. The only thing that the parents in the village collectively agreed was to send the children to the school and not make them work in the fields until they are at least 16 years.

That morning huffing and puffing, finally Shravan reached the last step. The teacher had arrived and the only security guard who was also the helper, assistant, and the cleaner named  Siddhu.

Children were scared of Siddhu as much as they were scared of the teacher Mr. Muniyappa. But both were quite protective of the children and took all the care they could for them. Due to heavy rains, dusty winds and scorching temperatures in the region even on the hilltop, the house where the school was situated had started to look weathered out over the years.

“Aha, Shravan, you have come first today to the school. Ok, you get to be the leader today for the morning prayer and  get the attendance register”, said Mr. Muniyappa. As the children gathered, the beautiful morning sun shone like a bright star on the hilltop. About 30 children had come to the school.

After the morning prayers everyone tagged behind the teacher and as they were seated there was a huge creek sound as the tallest child opened the window. Amidst giggles and discussions by the children Shravan seemed to be staring constantly at the classroom ceiling.

Something looked different that morning. It appeared to him as though the fan had come down a bit from the ceiling. Just then the teacher said “Not feeling too good here. Feeling stuffy, let’s do one thing children, today we will be having our class outside in the courtyard as we will be learning about nature.” Everyone stepped out and managed to settle down in the courtyard. The teacher was about to leave the classroom right under the fan, when Shravan pushed him. Startled, Muniyappa screamed and then realized Shravan had actually saved him from getting injured from the falling fan.

After he composed himself, Muniyappa gave a sad expression and said aloud, “I can only teach, but for the school to be in reasonable good condition I need funds to get many things repaired. Hearing the scream, Siddhu and a few older children came running to the class.

They helped Muniyappa get up and praised Shravan for his presence of mind. Later after the class Shravan went to the teacher and said “Sir I have come to know of a noble person who is educated and generous with his money for schools. Apparently, he stays approximately 50 kms from here and I heard my father talk about him a week ago. My father got to know about him from radio. If we can get his address, why don’t we approach him to help our school and the children for better facilities?

After six months, Shravan was again climbing happily the 85th step on a Tuesday morning. The broken steps have been renovated and yes do you know, Shravan and his teacher found out where the noble soul lived. The generous person visited the village and the school and agreed to fund all the expenses regarding the school for better infrastructure. Now Shravan’s school has a board too saying “Sharada Vidhyalaya” and it is repainted, mended and the children have also got uniforms and some textbooks as ordered by the teacher.

And you know something…..

Sharada Vidhyalaya was featured in the Kannada daily too with Shravan’s picture in the article alongside the building’s picture in the article. Shravan had all the reasons to be happy going to school again day after day.



I love kitchen toys and I am not a girl

Harsh is a young boy studying in class I, in a city in India.  There have been many changes that Harsh has seen when it comes to choosing his toys. Whenever he goes to the jazzy lit malls in his city with his Mama or Papa he is generally directed to the toys section by the shop assistants. And there are good number of toys almost clearly demarcated for young boys and little girls.

One such evening, Harsh’s mom wanted to pick a toy for his classmate’s birthday which was scheduled for the coming Saturday evening at her residence. Harsh was quite excited to look at the toys and wondered if he would be ridiculed for holding a Barbie doll.  As soon as he picked one toy on kitchen utilities, the shop assistant rushed to harsh and showed him to look for the cars and puzzles. ” I have those already, I just wanted to see if I can take home a Barbie doll or a kitchen toy tonight.”

The assistant’s smile was not encouraging, yet Harsh took the toy to his mom who was going through some labelled ‘girlie’ toys. ” Mama, Purvi likes to play with cars and bikes. Maybe you should pick that for her if possible ” said Harsh to his mom.  When his  mom looked at Harsh with a kitchen toy, she smiled and said  ” We are here to buy for Purvi. I can get you what you want next month.” Is that fine with you?”.

Harsh wanted an optimistic answer, ” Even a barbie doll or kitchen toy is fine with you?” asked Harsh.  ” Yes of course, cooking is a life-skill dear not just to be learnt by girls. Big boys ought to know cooking if they want to be independent in life. And you can take this toy next month.”

“But Barbie” said Harsh.

” It is not a problem.” But can I ask you why do you want a  Barbie doll asked his mom.

” I just like her just as I like Ben 10.”

“Yes of course, dear,” said his mom making harsh feel it was perfect for him to choose toys that he wanted than what was labelled around.

Finally his mom picked a small car for Purvi and Harsh went back to the shop assistant with his mom to say that they are coming back to pick the kitchen toy and the Barbie doll for him next month.

Story for 5-7 years old.


The white painted ant

Rikkie was a small red ant living in a city. He was taught to be ferocious as his parents always felt that was what was expected of a red ant. As he was growing up, he would bite many people who ever he felt would be a nuisance to him. Rikkie realized that humans feared red ants than black ants.

One day after breakfast as he was passing by a construction building, a bucket of white paint fell on the ground by a worker from the third floor. A drop of paint fell on Rikkie too and he felt quite uncomfortable getting drenched in paint. He thought he should rush home and have a bath. He did so but the paint failed to get off from his body. Rikkie was very concerned. Soon kids playing near the park saw him and screamed ” Such a cute ant”. He hated such words.

He always wanted to fear people but not be loved or admired as “cute”. uhhh….

Rikkie slowly felt as days passed that nobody was scared of him. his parents tried convincing him that his new color on his body was fine and it didn’t matter really in life. But Rikkie was very upset.

Then something drastically changed.

One evening it rained heavily in the city. It thundered and showered like never before. Everyone was trying to take shelter to save themselves from the fiery rain. Rikkie too took shelter under a big leaf. Finally after many hours, when the rain stopped, Rikkie saw that his artificial white color had gone from his body. He was red again as he was meant to be. Rikkie danced gleefully and went home.

His mom was very worried where he had been in the rain but she too was happy that he was glad to have his original color. Next day when he was going by the park, the children got scared of him and started screaming ” Oh no, that red ant that was missing is back. God knows what happened to our calm little white ant!”.

Rikkie tried explaining to the children, that it was him both as the white ant and now back as the red ant. But they did not seem to understand his language. They were really scared of him. Earlier Rikkie liked causing that fear. But now he was used to being liked and he didn’t like the feeling of being hated again. Thoughts started rambling in his mind if he should color himself white again somehow to be liked. But no. He had to find a way to make children like him even if he was red.

So from the next day he would be where the children were playing and if they required help in pushing the marbles or small paper boats he would use his strength to push it towards them. The children realized that the ant wanted to be friendly and not bite them anymore. Soon he started getting used to comments like , ” Look the beautiful red ant is here.”

Rikkie realized that it didn’t matter what color one is but it did matter a lot if one was friendly or not to be accepted by people around us. Rikkie was very happy. He had many more people in the world who liked him.

It really didn’t require him to be ferocious unnecessarily.  Even his parents understood that it is wiser to be friendlier and as a good person in the world than being a disliked red ant.

(For kids aged between 4-7 years. By Reshma Krishnamurthy Sharma)




Beauty and the Wise

A beautiful yellow  butterfly came to the most popular garden in the city. The butterfly came and seated herself on a huge red rose.

Lots of visitors everyday thronged the garden and clicked pictures of the flowers and of the neatly laid out lawns. Today it was time for people clicking pictures of the butterfly.

A crow was sitting on a tall tree top and he saw this butterfly and thought to himself ‘ How I wish I was good looking too. People would admire me too.”

The butterfly happened to glance at the crow and murmured ” I wish, God had made me look  little more sober. At least I would have got little bit of privacy. I hate when these humans rover around me when I eat my food, when I sleep or even when I want to be alone.”

A wise pigeon who was present on another branch of the tree, looked at the crow and at the butterfly. Soon she called out to both of them to come near her saying ” I have something very important to tell you both.” When both came to her to listen to her, the pigeon further continued, ” We are all made differently and it is wise not to compare with others. ”

“Come to think of it, you really from the bottom of your heart wouldn’t want to be a disliked butterfly just because of your looks and you wouldn’t want to be a handsome crow, or else you would have been captive somewhere. ”

Both the butterfly and the crow realized that it is better to work around our limitations and plus points rather than cribbing about it.

By Reshma Krishnamurthy Sharma