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  1. Hi Reshma..
    It is very good to listen these songs at fm rainbow in meethi yadayin. I never miss these hours..listening at fm rainbow.

  2. Hey Reshma,
    How are you doing?
    I was unaware you are on 101.3… what times are you on. I surely want to listen.
    Lets catch up sometime.

  3. Hi Reshma,

    Can you help me in how to go ahead with VJ audition with an example also what could be the best practice to becme a good VJ and if you dnt mind please give me your mobile or personal id which i could contact u and share things abt the same.


  4. No we don’t know each other.neither heard of your i’m from diff state of india,just visited kartk’s site and find it intresting…..your’s is also really nice.really cool way to express’.keep it up!god bless you all !!

  5. I’ve just joined as a RJ-Trainer,i’m the youngest trainer as of now,i would request your kind operation so that.,we might just help ppl realise their dream..

    .great work in the blog…if i’m in the same field,,,i’m sure of getting in touch with u sometime in life soon:) c ya :) gd lck :) let’s bring smileeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssss to all the ppl in the wrld :)

  6. Hi Reshma,

    I was listening through the songs you played today from 6:30pm to 7:00pm. you played one song which i did like very much. but I forgot the lyrics as it was in a sudden I was scrolling through the channels.

    its says something like ” aisa kya kiya maine ki mujhe kuch na mila ” something like this ….

    please can send me the name and song of the movie. it will be very kind if you can send it to my mail mentioned above

    Thanks & regards


  7. Hi Reashma,
    This is Neglur uncle. I want to know how you have created you own web site and how much does it realy cost.?

    Pl reply when you at time.


  8. Hi Reshma,
    We met at the IGNOU course contact programme (at Al Ameen college), if you recollect. How have you been, and did you get to complete that course? (I didn’t.) Thought of sharing with you some music-related stuff that I’ve been doing, and realised that I didn’t have your mail id, but thankfully, I did remember your Web site address, so here I am. Can I have your mail id so that I could write to you about the music stuff that I mentioned.

  9. Hi Mesmerizer,
    Hope ur doing good….this box seems to be small for my comments. firstly, am sorry to say that there is no excitement left at listening to RAINBOW….anymore, once u quit. secondly this is how am gonna call u or address. hope ur ok with it. once again this box seems to be small for my comments.

  10. Hi Reshma,
    This is Rajesh hear, I assume that u have quit hosting fm rainbow now. and hope ur doing good. bye take care…

  11. hello reenaroy how r u. ages since heard u r voice. u must be full fledge writer now. any way hope this new year u r dreams be fullfilled.

  12. Good radio show and topic on 29th april 2010,
    well nice to know you go through your website,
    but forget to reply back… It happens
    “Bade bade desh mein choti choti baat ho jathi hai… ”
    Anyways nice to know that you
    still remember me… :)

  13. Hi Reshma,
    This is Rajesh, had posted my last comment as on July 9, 2009, 3:33 am. Not sure if ur hosting FM Rainbow again as I dont get to listen to FM Rainbow now due to change in my job & timings. Hope u read this message….do well …..god bless u..bye take care mam….

  14. Hey Reshma,

    I hope you remember me. You knew me as Anand. Organizer of Resonate voice workshop. For some strange reason, I was thinking of you today and just googled your name and found your blog.

    Email me and let’s stay in touch. That perhaps is the only way unless you decide to come to US.
    Very happy for you.

  15. HI reshma.. iam vasavi.. i saw your article abt Susheela in one of the blogs. I believe it was written in 2004 and so it does not have a correct contact no. Could you please provide the info abt the bonsai classes if you know..

    Thanks in advance.

  16. Read your article called ‘Tell me how’ which appeared in MetroPlus, The Hindu on November 1st. I would like to tell you of one of our clients ‘MOMING’ which is a brick and mortar retail outlet with a café, salon and more in Koramangala which targets moms and moms-to-be.
    Besides the above I would also like to share with you information on Morph Maternity which sells maternity wear. It is among the first brands in India to sell ethnic maternity wear like maternity salwar, nursing choli etc. They also have leak proof tunics and kurtas for the nursing mother. All garments mentioned are patent pending.
    Being a mother yourself, I’m sure you can connect with this. If this interests you and you would like to share this with your readers; I could give you more information and even show you some of their products as well as take you for a visit to MOMING.

  17. hey reshma.. namrata here….from bangalore..
    i hadnt heard your programme before.. but this saturday.. i was on the road.. and the colleague i was with is a regular listener of your programme.. and while you were talking ther was one song that said …’ kamzor na ban.. ye sach hai yaar.. bade dhoke hai bade…’ i dont knoe the proper lyrics.. but i happened to ignore the literature u gave before the song… and i really want to know about that song….
    could you please tell me the details of that song.. you played that song on saturday around 11 am… THE GEM OF BOLLYWOOD MUSIC…
    its sung in a very low pitch.. it is composed really well..

    i must say after that song i heard everything that you were talking abt the music.. and your passion for the same is visible in the way u speak…

    it would be great if you could reply me back..



  18. Hi Reshma,
    Hope you are well. Just was wondering how and what you are upto.Its been a long time. Would love to catch up. Much love.

  19. Hi Reshma, I’m clearing rights for a college textbook. Please contact me asap concerning republishing one of your articles. I have a very tight deadline and don’t know how else to reach you. Thanks!

  20. Your articles are very well written and in-line with current trends. I enjoy reading them. Is it possible to include a Facebook share mechanic so that I can share some of the articles with my friends?

  21. Hello,
    We are an online portal called Koffeeplace and really like your blog. We have a lot of contributor writers writing for us. We would love for you to write for us. If you are interested please email me.

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