Bangalore weather conducive for Bonsai

With over 35 years of experience in gardening, she’s a person who loves working with nature and is a committed Bonsai enthusiast. “ The art makes me spend my time more creatively,” she says with a smile enjoying her cup of coffee in her lush sprawling garden at her residence.

One realizes the passion she has towards her hobby when she eagerly shows her worthy collection of over 500 Bonsai plants that have been nurtured and created with utmost dedication. She began her collection years ago, participating regularly in the ornamental garden competition organized by the Mysore Horticultural Society where she always won the first prize.

Susheela is also one of the founder members of Vruksha, an organization that holds Bonsai exhibitions regularly in Bangalore since last twelve years. “ People in Bangalore are finding it difficult to maintain huge gardens. With Bonsai, Bangaloreans can enjoy the natural ‘tree look’ in their balconies. The weather in Bangalore is ideal to grow Bonsai ”, she says.

Susheela opines that parents should encourage children to learn this art. “ One of the recent enquiries I have received is from a 10 year old child who is interested in learning this art,” she says excitedly. Susheela makes it a point to constantly update herself by attending Bonsai workshops in India and abroad. “ Earlier in Bangalore, there weren’t many sources available for Bonsai enthusiasts to learn this art, however things have changed now. Today beginners can make use of guidance that is available through books and Internet to learn on their own or approach Bonsai trainers to improvise on their art faster,” she says.

So can this hobby be a career option for youngsters? “ Sure, one can make beautiful pieces in Bonsai and sell it as there is a global market for this art” she says with an assurance.

You may contact Susheela on 37306954.

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  1. Hi Reshma,

    Am interested in buying some Bonsai for my home. Could you please help with some details as in from where to buy. Which one’s are good for Bangalore weather.


  2. I am a bonsai fan and it is great to see the art of bonsai, thriving in bangalore. It would be really helpful if we could get the address of the place where we can meet and interact with people actively persuing this art.

    Thanks for your help.

  3. hi,
    i am a bonsai fan and i am very much intrested in learning the bonsai art can you please help me in this regard

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  4. I am interested in Bonsai plants for my home. Could you please help with some details as in from where to buy. Which one’s are good for Bangalore weather and the price. Can you please forward some pics and the respective prices.

  5. Good Bonsai plant supplier in Central India, located in Bhopal. may contact for good bonsai plants specially Jade plants.

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    we are supplying Bonsai plants in Bangalore , interested people can contact on 9900511625.

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