Irritating ads on my computer screen- Boom off Dhoom 3

I really did not want to comment on this movie before it was released. Firstly I have got bored of sequels, unless this turns to surprise me.

And strangely even one of my favourite actors to be seen in the movie is not making me wait in great anticipation for its release.  I am talking of Aamir Khan and Dhoom 3.

But something that is bothering me highly are the pop-up ads of the movie that are appearing way too frequently on the media sites and search engines that I visit (everyday).

I am kind of tired trying to click on ‘hide’ every time the online ad comes up. Neither Katirna’s pose nor Aamir’s stern looks are making me wait for the movie’s release. It might be another effective strategy considering Aamir Khan really knows how to market his films. But this one’s irritating me to the core.

Aamir… if this one reaches out to you please note- I really hope you get lots of good reviews for your act and the story is good…..but for the moment,  for me to change my mind and make me watch your December release, please try and mention to someone not to bother people on their computer screens



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