Another world-wide celebrated day-Mother’s day

I think since the last five to seven years urban India is unapologetic regarding celebrations of a few occasions that were completely unknown to the previous few generations. Valentine’s day,even a festival like Akshaya Trithiya -I do not remember the occasion being talked when I was young. But now if you do not buy something related to the yellow metal -gold on Akshaya Trithiya you are doing a crime.

Similarly while I do agree moms especially moms to new-born’s to a year old get some fun time, I do feel there is an element of unnecessary commercialization for Mother’s day. This year too there are advertisements running on what to gift your mom this mother’s day.

It’s a jaded feeling for me atleast. After a few years I really never wished like sending a card or a gift to my boyfriend or husband. Today I might feel happy if my child wishes me or gives me a hand-made gift but I do not want my little baby to feel pressurized and neither do I want to succumb to the pressure of giving a gift as on this occasion to my mom.

Nevertheless happy mother’s day. BTW the founder of this day as I had written an article last year on this never wanted this day to be commercialized and she wanted this day to be celebrated as a day where children would make hand-made cards, personally write for their moms and gift to their moms. She hated when the day became marketed for gifting white flowers, cards from stores etc. Today there are restaurants, jewellers and even online apparel stores tempting customers to send a gift for their moms.

Times have changed indeed

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