Writing about pregnancy and issues that I had more often dealt, coerced me to write on parenting as well.

More often it has been to retain my identity as a writer as well along with the intention to earn my own income.

The last two years I have also realized that I have narrated several stories to my child who to my delight gets amused, satisfied with my character creations before going to bedtime. Generally it has been animal stories and he gets to pick two animal characters and I have to spin a story instantly.

I am not sure if it will appeal to other little children but I do think I should give it a shot.

The Lion and the Crocodile
Once upon a time there was a ferocious lion living in a distant jungle. The lion had no friends and was lonely. His aggressive behaviour made him all the more lonely with no friends to talk to or play with. All he knew was to kill an animal when he was hungry.

In the same jungle, there was a beautiful river with lots of fishes and sea animals. There was also a crocodile who was very friendly by nature. One day the crocodile noticed the lion coming to the river banks to drink water and he swam up to him to say a hello.

The lion didn’t bother and gave a disgruntled look to the crocodile. The crocodile asked him if he was upset with any matter. The lion shooed him away, but the crocodile was calm and swam to a nearby rock.

He still had a very friendly smile. Then the lion said that he didn’t want to be bothered and he can get aggressive if he is not respected his privacy. The crocodile stayed mum. Meanwhile lots of fishes swam in the water and waved at the crocodile as greetings. The lion noticed that the crocodile was very popular with the sea beings.

Soon after the lion left the place and came to the river after three days. This time too the crocodile said a hello to the lion. Every time the lion didn’t respond, yet one day he asked the crocodile why he was so polite even though he wasn’t to him.

The crocodile said ” It is possible to forget our sorrows and any negative emotions if we are with the right people”. The crocodile further that he would be privileged to have a lion as a friend who was brave. The lion had never heard any praise about himself from anyone. He immediately calmed down and became polite to the crocodile.

From then on there was a drastic change in his behaviour and more and more animals noticed that the lion was happy and had a positive aura around him. The crocodile had nothing to lose, he had gained one more friend.

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