Beauty and the Wise

A beautiful yellow  butterfly came to the most popular garden in the city. The butterfly came and seated herself on a huge red rose.

Lots of visitors everyday thronged the garden and clicked pictures of the flowers and of the neatly laid out lawns. Today it was time for people clicking pictures of the butterfly.

A crow was sitting on a tall tree top and he saw this butterfly and thought to himself ‘ How I wish I was good looking too. People would admire me too.”

The butterfly happened to glance at the crow and murmured ” I wish, God had made me look  little more sober. At least I would have got little bit of privacy. I hate when these humans rover around me when I eat my food, when I sleep or even when I want to be alone.”

A wise pigeon who was present on another branch of the tree, looked at the crow and at the butterfly. Soon she called out to both of them to come near her saying ” I have something very important to tell you both.” When both came to her to listen to her, the pigeon further continued, ” We are all made differently and it is wise not to compare with others. ”

“Come to think of it, you really from the bottom of your heart wouldn’t want to be a disliked butterfly just because of your looks and you wouldn’t want to be a handsome crow, or else you would have been captive somewhere. ”

Both the butterfly and the crow realized that it is better to work around our limitations and plus points rather than cribbing about it.

By Reshma Krishnamurthy Sharma




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