Portrayal of women in hindi movies

A movie that I watched recently made me admire the director’s ability to show how people need not be dark and transparent characters always and there is always room for the dark hearted souls to change and the good ones to be alert not to be misled.

But in the movie Badlapur, I was again very disturbed by the portrayal of women. Women were shown to be treated ruthlessly or objects that exist in this world to be able to satisfy the male gender.

I do feel it is high time wise directors show sense in directing movies that have a huge mass appeal in a country like India to portray women as they should be. With respect.

The hero seemed to take great pride in taking so called revenge in the movie if he was able to convince the woman from the enemy camp (as perceived by the hero) to sleep with him.

It’s really time that India wakes up and understands that women want to be treated equal. Treat women as men and that is as HUMANS=PEOPLE Not as objects.


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