Waiting for the train at 9pm

Apart from writing for children, particularly the age group of 4 to 7 years, I am trying my hand in writing short stories for adults too. Some may have traces of biographical tinge; others may be completely fictional. More importantly, I hope you find them interesting and would want to read them more.

Waiting for the train at 9pm

It took Anita over half hour for a distance of 2 km to reach the station. She was feeling miserable when she got down from the auto. It was raining heavily and she had four bags in her hands. Soaked, drenched, dirty, these were the words that came to her mind when she was giving the change to the auto driver.

She hoped Karan would have reached the station. Whoever imagined hindi film songs with rains and cheerfulness. Anita just wanted to get over all this and hop on to the train. She hoped the train too would be on schedule. One of the porters came running to Anita as she was climbing the stairs of Savanpur station near Meerut.

She refused the porter and went to platform 3. She knew where the train would stop at 9pm. It was already 8.40pm. Karan should have been here by now. But he was no where to be seen. She hoped he would not break his promise. She had left her family and come to this decision of pursuing a new life in Mumbai.

It was time for the train to arrive. She was walking up and down the station out of nervousness. What if Karan didn’t turn up? Would she still go from here. As the train screeched to a halt, she picked the bags from the chair and got into the train.

It was a gut feeling that kept telling her that she will have to pursue this journey alone. Karan probably got scared and didn’t want to take the risk. After all what would she expect from a 14 year old teenager. It was the first time perhaps for Karan to say lies to his family, steal his family jewellery and run with a woman who promised him a dream.

It wasn’t the first time for Anita.

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