A trip over the universe

This story has been rotating in my mind for a few days. Hope parents find it interesting enough to narrate it for children who are curious about planets.

Story for 4 to 7 year olds.

Adam was lying on the lush green grass at his grandma’s home. It was almost 9pm and he was surprised, no one yet had come out to the garden to instruct him to get back home. It was close to bed time.

Suddenly he saw a shining star in the sky. The black sky with stars looked as though it was a magical carpet with glittering artworks on it. 

Adam closed his eyes with these thoughts and went to a dreamland. When he opened his eyes after sometime, he saw a space ship. He quickly got in and wore a custom made silver grey astronaut suit in the space ship. He was asked by a computerised voice to sit on the driver’s seat.

Then on the screen inside the spaceship appeared a video saying ” get ready to tour the universe”.

After sometime he  saw from inside the spaceship that he was getting close to SUN. It was too hot and too bright. Adam quickly pressed the button NEXT and he was taken to MERCURY.  But on this planet, he felt it was too hot. Then he went to VENUS. It wasn’t as beautiful as he had heard in stories.

The computerised voice told him to enjoy the ride. He pressed the button NEXT and was led to MARS. As he was wondering what happened to EARTH, the voice told him that he is advised to visit all planets before coming back to EARTH.

Adam found MARS very strange, a land mass full of volcanoes. He didn’t like it at all.

Adam was missing EARTH already as he was very thirsty and there was no water anywhere, neither on MERCURY, VENUS or on MARS.

Then the spaceship led the curious boy to JUPITER. Adam had by now forgotten that he was thirsty. JUPITER was beautiful with rings around the planet. It looked really huge too but he felt if he chose to stay even for a day in JUPITER, he would become lonely. There was no sign of life at all unlike EARTH.

Then he pressed the button NEXT and  Adam was near SATURN. This planet had so many rings around it that it seemed too confusing even to step on it.

Soon Adam was on the next planet on this journey and that was at URANUS. Suddenly this planet appeared too cold. Strangely, Adam could feel the temperature of every planet even when he was in the spaceship. He didn’t require to step out at all.

When he pressed the button NEXT, the computerised voice told him that he would lastly see NEPTUNE. Adam quickly responded that there was PLUTO too. The voice replied that recent astronauts do not recognize PLUTO, so NEPTUNE would be the last destination before going back to EARTH.

NEPTUNE was even colder than He thought to himself, probably because the planet was do far from SUN, it was so cold at shivering temperature. 

Adam asked in a loud voice the spaceship and the voice to take him back to EARTH. ” I want to go back to EARTH, please please please I want to be on the beautiful EARTH, my planet.”

Adam was awakened by  a loud noise. Oh god, it was all a dream. His mom was calling out to him to come inside the house.

Adam hadn’t gone anywhere,perhaps no. But was he really on a spaceship? He still wasn’t sure. If he had gone, where had the spaceship disappeared?

Adam went inside home to his room and went to bed. It was a beautiful journey over the universe but he knew now, EARTH was the most beautiful. It was his planet, the land that gave him all the right reasons to live and to be happy.



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