Holding on to the treasure of creating a new life.

This is the second short story I am writing for people other than my general audience of children.

You might find a few stories that are abrupt in ending but I would like to keep it that way to let it flow on the reader’s imagination. Hope you enjoy reading this story.


Apoorva was ecstatic about the news she had received from the nurse. Standing outside the obstetrician’s room she was holding on the report that indicate she was pregnant. A flood of emotions ran through her mind as she was holding on to the report, emotionally. It had been seven long years since she was hoping to get into the pregnancy state but every month she would be disappointed.

During her cycle of menstrual phase, she would vent her frustration on being deliberately being moody, irritable and binge on food. From being an efficient professional as a HR professional she had turned into an obsessive woman who wanted to be a mother at the earliest.

It didn’t help when her friends, colleagues and even family told her to take it easy. Saurabh, her husband too wanted to have a new member in the family. He tried every month explaining to her that a baby will definitely come in their lives but yet he couldn’t pacify Apoorva. Somehow her state of helplessness and constant crying and cribbing fits had strained their relationship. She did not want to go to restaurants, movies or outings. She wanted to have a baby as though it is a prized toy that she was unable to have due to unknown reasons. The doctors always told the couple to keep trying and there was no reason why they didn’t have a baby.

Just then the nurse asked Apoorva to wait at the waiting lounge while she will be attended by the doctor. Apoorva immediately called Saurabh over phone and pleaded with him to come from office to the doctor’s clinic. She had not yet told him the joyous news.

After a while when Apoorva saw Saurabh she rushed to him and hugged him. She showed him the report that confirmed that she was pregnant. Strangely Saurabh didn’t seem happy to say the least. Apoorva couldn’t understand what had happened. Why was he unhappy over the information?

Saurabh just sat down on the chair keeping his head low. As the nurse called out for Apoorva’s name to go and see the doctor with the report, Saurabh looked at her and said, “I cannot have this baby. I do not want it”

Apoorva was stunned and disbelieved what she heard. She ignored Saurabh and went inside the obstetrician’s room and saw Saurabh walking out of the clinic. Strangely in a matter of moments her joyous phase was not turning out as she had expected.




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