Once upon a time a writer was a Radio Jockey



I came to know a month ago of term know as multipotentialites through a you tube video featured on Tedx talks. This was by Emilie Wapnik. It was refreshing for me to listen to the talk and I could identify myself with what she tried to convey.


Somehow I have always dabbled in various professions and one of them happened to be getting to the shoes of being a Radio Jockey. I loved being there and doing what I was doing. AIR FM Rainbow gave all the recognition to me as one of the well known RJ’s.

In all its limitation of not able to compete with private stations of having a edit technological tool before playing live radio or hosting from different venues or reaching out to Bollywood or Kannada film stars, yet FM Rainbow had its loyal audience.

I had hosted careers’ shows, baking shows with an expert, interviewing Bangalore icons and much more.  Yet it had become the case of a filled glass and not wanting to dive more


So I had to say goodbye to one of my best loved jobs/careers and embraced a new juncture in personal life. This further led me to a totally new career and as of now continuing with some parts of the phase. Though I like to identify myself as a blogger these days than anything else.

Stumbled upon this photograph where I used to literally travel 18 kms from my home to the AIR station at 5.30 in the morning to be on time at 7.00 am. Along with the Kannada RJ, we had to present our shows and the show finally culminated in a request show. Of course now the formats have completely changed and further too I had started doing the afternoon shows where it was a pleasure hosting Meethi Yaadein of old hindi numbers and the 4pm show of playing the latest Hindi film numbers as part of the request shows.

If any of the old listeners still remember me then it would be lovely to receive a hello message from you.

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