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A true fighter, A lovely mum to Pihu.

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Mums and stories is proud to share this incredible story of being a mum by Acid Attack fighter Laxmi. Laxmi is also the lead campaigner with Stop Acid Attacks.


A global face, Laxmi speaks on her prized gift in life, her daughter-Pihu.

“Pihu is seven months old and somehow, just before two days before she came to this world, I started feeling that I should name my baby Pihu. I was almost into depression due to personal tragedies in the family. I had overcome the attack and am a fighter. But tragedies in my family were happening, where few of my close ones including my father and my younger brother died in recent years.

Life seemed to come to a stand still. I was in a stage of numbness but then things changed when I got to know I was pregnant and the amount of joy Pihu has given me and Alok is immense.

Pihu was born on March 25th 2015 in New Delhi and at that time, my mother, Alok and my best friend too was there with me. When well wishers got to know that evening that Pihu had arrived in this world, they started visiting us all through the night. It was tiring but amazing too.

We celebrate her birthday every month. And since then every month, Pihu charms us with a new skill she has learnt.

Pihu has made me a mother. There are certain things I missed in my childhood and that I am trying to provide for Pihu. Yet I would say that I am not going out of my way to give her a special upbringing. She is going to be raised in a normal atmosphere. There is lot of travelling regarding my work and she is coping with it in the current scenario.

I have always felt that if we think negative, then the negative emotion surrounds you so much that it is going to be difficult to come out of it. Even the world is not going to be considerate. That’s what happened to me too. When I was thinking negative, I was left alone. But when I chose to fight back the world was with me. Today the adulation that I am receiving because of Pihu is not new. I have received this warmth, love and wishes from people when I decided to fight back too and not remain confined at home. But I must add that the feeling of receiving positive vibes from people, because of Pihu is something I will treasure in life.

I am not sure but we might change her name too. And every moment with her is enjoyable. She keeps me awake throughout the night and she wants to play all the time. I have not thought what I would like her to be when she grows up and that stage is many years away. Right now I am enjoying being a mum to Pihu.”

Laxmi is now 26 years of age and was attacked in the gruesome incident when she was just 15 years old. Last year, Laxmi among the several awards she has received was awarded the prestigious award, ‘International Women of Courage Award’ by US First Lady, Michelle Obama at an awards ceremony in Washington.

Mums and stories wishes on behalf of all the mums Laxmi a beautiful motherhood to be cherished. We know Pihu is lucky to have Laxmi as her mum.

— with Acid Attack Fighter Laxmi.Pihu, Laxmi

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