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Tiger in the city

It was going to be dawn on a Friday morning in a crowded city in India. Suddenly it appeared that there was a huge commotion in the busy market area. A rumour had spread that a tiger was spotted in the city. People were cautious to step out of their homes and go to offices. Parents did not want to send their kids to school. News channels were constantly beaming images of where the tiger was last spotted by a passerby.

Most in the city didn’t know if there was really a wild tiger roaming in the city or it was a prank by some mischief mongers. In a deserted building which was still under construction, Chulbul the witty mouse was creating some sounds in the underground basement. There was one small flickering bulb and no else was present in the basement. He was enjoying his catch, a leftover pizza loaded with cheese. He suddenly shivered as he saw a huge shadow near him. He rubbed his eyes to see if he was seeing a tiger. A huge tiger emerged slowly from the shadows.

The tiger said, “Hey mouse, can you tell me where I can get some food.” Chulbul had to gulp down the pizza piece quickly. He offered the pizza to the tiger. The tiger Sherkhan, said “ I don’t know what is this food?. I want to eat something like a deer or a rabbit or even a mouse will do.” Chulbul had to react quickly. He said, “Listen tiger”. “My name is Sherkhan,” said the tiger.

“Well..Sherkhan, I have another interesting food for you. He dragged a watermelon fruit behind a tin sheet and gave it to the tiger. Sherkhan threw a fit. “Do you think I can eat vegetarian food like these fruits. I want my kind of food. First of all I got lost today from the jungle and entered this noisy city. I want to go back to the jungle but I think I will either be killed by these humans or I will be dragged to a zoo.”

“Calm down” said Chulbul. For now you have to either eat this dish. It’s called pizza or you have to eat the watermelon. And yes I have a way out for you to reach the jungle. The tiger ate a piece of watermelon hesitantly and said this was not his food. He was almost to tears. The rat said “I think it is better if you reach the jungle quickly before the city residents spot you.”

Chulbul then took the tiger to another corner of the deserted building and that led to an underground canal. He said “You can try your luck and swim for a while before you can reach the jungle. I had heard from some other animals that there is a forest close to the city. Maybe this underground water canal will reach to the closest destination like a far-off highway road and from there you can find your way out. Also hopefully you might find something in these waters like fishes.”

Sherkhan seemed hopeful and thanked Chulbul. He also mentioned to the mouse that he is most welcome to visit him in the jungle if at all he ever thinks of a jungle trip.

Sherkhan started to swim and soon disappeared from chulbul’s sight. Chulbul prayed for a moment and thanked his stars that he was able to help someone, but more importantly he saved himself from being someone else’s breakfast.

By evening Chulbul got to know from his friends that a tiger had been caught across a water canal by some people but it was soon taken to the jungle and set free.

Chulbul went to bed with a memorable experience of his lifetime.

The 5 brave girls- Story by Reshma Krishnamurthy Sharma (for 4-6 year olds)

The school bell had rung and it was time for all the children to go home. The children hurriedly packed their bags as the teacher said with a smile” Time to go home safely”. Lots of children came to the school from far off distances and it was a quite a task for many of them to reach back home on time.

As the gates opened the children in the little village in tamilnadu, selvi and her friends made a group of five before they could head back home. The school was 6kms away from her house and it was a walk selvi and her friends did everyday to reach school.

As her parents were uneducated and worked at the tea plantations faraway, they knew to get a better life one required to study and do well in professional life. They always wanted selvi to study and be able to look after herself well in life, hopefully with a good job and sound education.

There was however one stretch that ran close to the jungle border and there was the possibility of a wild animal coming in front of the little girls. Yet selvi and her friends had always decided to be brave and use presence of mind to save each other from any untoward incident.

It was an everyday game, each girl would pick three to five sticks from the road, and keep herself guarded as long as they were crossing the interior jungle stretch. Soon when they came closer to the village, they would put the sticks to one side together and go back home.

This evening, a long snake came in front of the girls. The five girls panicked and were thinking whether they should hit the snake or run from there. Selvi immediately whispered to others. “Stand still, do not panic or hit it. It will not harm us.” Two girls started crying out of fear. The snake hissed and left on a different route. All of them hugged selvi and said, “We must run home”.

Soon they reached home and within a few minutes selvi’s parents came from work after a long day. As her mother was getting about household chores, selvi told her mom and dad about the unpleasant encounter in the evening. Her father patted her for being brave and said that it is the right thing that the children didn’t provoke the animal unnecessarily.

Selvi went off to sleep after dinner and waited for the morning to come by. After all she had a story to share with her teacher and other classmates, “The 5 brave girls.”


It was a breezy evening. Arya had returned back home after school. As his mom was making his evening milk ready for him along with a few snacks, arya opened the door to see outside.

It was too cold and quite windy. Immediately he heard his mom sternly asking him to close the door. He murmured a ‘sorry’ and got back to the living room. After sometime he asked his mom if he can step out for five minutes and promised her that he will be well within the compound area.

Arya was actually looking for a tiny kitten that was trying to get underneath some sort of shade to cover itself from the monstrous wind. He had noticed the kitten the first time he had opened the door and had wanted to help the little one out.

He got a little round basket from inside his home and asked his mom to give him a towel. He then showed her the little kitten that was shivering outside. Arya’s mom understood that he wanted to befriend the little one and gave him a small towel. Arya then took the basket and put the little kitten slowly into the basket.

Before he could ask his mom if she could give the little one some milk, his mom got some warm milk for the kitten. The kitten hesitantly drank the milk from a stranger’s hand but soon felt secure in the basket. Soon the little one went off to sleep. Arya’s mom coaxed him to get inside and assured him that the little animal would be fine.

It became dark and after finishing his homework and playing with his toys Arya remembered again about the kitten. He went out to check if his new friend was doing fine but the basket was empty and the wind had calmed down too. Arya felt very bad that he could not retain his new friend for long. He came back rushing inside the house with tears rolling down his cheeks. His mom understood that the kitten had gone from the basket and consoled him saying that he had done a beautiful deed today and surely the little kitty must have surely gone to a safer place or maybe went back home to his mommy.

Arya again went to the window and prayed for the little kitten that she would be safe and happy.

Hopefully she will come to meet him again.

(The second story for 4-6 year olds, original story by Reshma Krishnamurthy Sharma).


Writing about pregnancy and issues that I had more often dealt, coerced me to write on parenting as well.

More often it has been to retain my identity as a writer as well along with the intention to earn my own income.

The last two years I have also realized that I have narrated several stories to my child who to my delight gets amused, satisfied with my character creations before going to bedtime. Generally it has been animal stories and he gets to pick two animal characters and I have to spin a story instantly.

I am not sure if it will appeal to other little children but I do think I should give it a shot.

The Lion and the Crocodile
Once upon a time there was a ferocious lion living in a distant jungle. The lion had no friends and was lonely. His aggressive behaviour made him all the more lonely with no friends to talk to or play with. All he knew was to kill an animal when he was hungry.

In the same jungle, there was a beautiful river with lots of fishes and sea animals. There was also a crocodile who was very friendly by nature. One day the crocodile noticed the lion coming to the river banks to drink water and he swam up to him to say a hello.

The lion didn’t bother and gave a disgruntled look to the crocodile. The crocodile asked him if he was upset with any matter. The lion shooed him away, but the crocodile was calm and swam to a nearby rock.

He still had a very friendly smile. Then the lion said that he didn’t want to be bothered and he can get aggressive if he is not respected his privacy. The crocodile stayed mum. Meanwhile lots of fishes swam in the water and waved at the crocodile as greetings. The lion noticed that the crocodile was very popular with the sea beings.

Soon after the lion left the place and came to the river after three days. This time too the crocodile said a hello to the lion. Every time the lion didn’t respond, yet one day he asked the crocodile why he was so polite even though he wasn’t to him.

The crocodile said ” It is possible to forget our sorrows and any negative emotions if we are with the right people”. The crocodile further that he would be privileged to have a lion as a friend who was brave. The lion had never heard any praise about himself from anyone. He immediately calmed down and became polite to the crocodile.

From then on there was a drastic change in his behaviour and more and more animals noticed that the lion was happy and had a positive aura around him. The crocodile had nothing to lose, he had gained one more friend.