REMIX-Indi- pop ka badshah

Sajana hai mujhe, Bahon me chale aa.. soulful lyrics and notes contrast starkly with gyrating bodies and plunging necklines in the music videos. But there is no denying the popularity of remix numbers today. You hear them on radio, see them on telly, groove to these numbers at discos and bhangra nights. In short, they are ruling the Indi-pop scene right now.

According to N. Hari who is in his mid 50’s, “Re-mix numbers are good, it’s like listening to old melodies with new stereo effects. I used to listen to these numbers when I was in my 20s and now when I get to hear them it’s like reviving old memories”.

However not all share his views. “I am not very fond of remix versions because the videos of these tracks are a complete put-off. The girls who feature in these videos are dressed obnoxiously and music companies make the entire video quite raunchy,” says Snehal Gowda, a II Year B.Com student from Mount Carmel College

Priyanka Rao, a housewife, shakes here head in disapproval:“ I dislike remix tracks. The videos are sad and the music companies and singers are killing old melodies. The original numbers were soothing unlike the new re-mix versions which don’t touch your feelings.”

While there is a strong anti-remix lobby, the remix numbers have staunch supporters too. They stick to the view that remix numbers helps to familiarize the new generation to songs of the bygone era. “ I enjoy listening to re-mix numbers. It’s all about packaging; something old is packaged in a nice fashion,” says emcee Anjaan.

However when music companies release re-mix numbers they should ensure that the re-mix version does not lose on the essence of the song, which the original number possesses,” he adds.

“ These days relatively unknown songs are being re-mixed which is good. I hadn’t heard of the track ‘Kabhi Aar Kabhie Paar’ before the re-mix version came out,” he says.

The remix albums have set the cash registers ringing in music stores too. “Party goers prefer re-mix music, which is very trendy. We have about 15-20 per cent sales of re-mix albums in our store every month, which is good for the business,” Roopdas. M, owner of Audio Zone, a music store in Banashankari II stage says.

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