The art of new-age gifting

The idea of gifting has undergone a sea change since the last few years. Earlier, people would give gifting a thought only on special occasions such as a wedding or wishing a newborn. Today with the availability of disposable and double incomes there are many who indulge in gifting more frequently than the previous generations.

One need not fret as even the world of gifts has undergone a tremendous change. No longer has one to stick to the idea of choosing traditional gifts like silver articles and wall clocks. Today the options are myriad. Think of the occasion and innovative gifts are aplenty.

“People can gift balloon bouquets for various occasions like bridal showers, engagement, wedding, birthday or for a new born baby. These gifts make a better impact about the person gifting them and they last longer too”, says Umita Melwani, an entrepreneur who provides colourful balloon bouquets.

Prarthna from ‘Peaches’, a styling salon points out “One can think of gifting a makeover to someone close to you. We have had youngsters gifting some of the beauty treatments like a facial, a new hairstyle or even a beauty package to their moms.

Says Bopanna from ‘Not Just Wine and Cheese’, “ If you are thinking of a gift for your boss you could give a premium wine bottle or a champagne bottle. Even imported chocolates can be gifted on various celebration moments.”

According to Vidya from Crossword, “A book is the best gift to give a close friend. Gift a book and be rest assured that it stays for a lifetime. The idea of gifting a book is something, which appeals to everyone, from a kid to an aged person.”

If one is going on a date, one can think of romantic gifts like decorative candles which come in various hues and colours like bright orange, mauves and blues. For a more formal occasion like a wedding one can think of gifting stained glass wall hangings, photo frames and tabletops.  Even a bunch of fresh flowers can be thought of as a gift for various occasions as flowers is something that will be liked by everyone.

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