The Ayurvedic route to combat stress

The daily routine of a working person goes this way: 7.00 a.m- Wake up time; 7.15 a.m- Time to grab a newspaper to read only the headlines; 7.30- a.m- Squeeze in time to have a bath; and to eat something to finish the course of breakfast. On the way to office you are thinking of your day’s schedule, meetings and deadlines. To add to all this, you come face-to-face with choked traffic jams and potholes. Finally you reach office and go through the day without realizing its 9pm. The moment you are at home you are reminded by your partner that you forgot to fix the broken door, leaking pipe, get groceries for home and lots more. With no energy or enthusiasm to talk to your partner being physically and mentally drained out, you eat what you can lay your hands on and doze watching the idiot box. This is a typical day in our lives.

Studies have shown that urban lifestyles have given way to stress. Be it multiple responsibilities, family tensions, hectic schedules or peer pressure. With so many stress related causes it’s time to have a reality check on what actually is stress, the repercussions of stress and find solutions on how does one combat stress?

While some may suggest temporary solutions like a weekend getaway or a new activity to feel de-stressed, there are Ayurvedic experts who vouch on the Ayurvedic therapies, which offer long-term solutions in the most natural way.

The causes of stress are varied opines Vinita Rashinkar, Manager at an Ayurvedic wellness center. “Contemporary life has changed drastically and so have the demands and pressures of daily life. Work schedules, deadlines, increasing competitiveness, and job insecurity are all common factors leading to stress,’ she adds.

There are de-stressing packages that include arrays of Ayurvedic massages and therapies, yoga and meditation classes, lifestyle guidance and closely monitored diet plan ranging from Rs. 11,500 (for a 3 day package) to Rs.18, 500 (for a 5 day package) per person.”

According to Dr. Nanda Hegde, Stress problems can have a two-pronged approach. People who experience stress can go in for Ayurvedic treatments like Shirodhara, Abhyangam, ‘Thalam coupled with yoga and medicines.” She adds that most of the physical ailments are now appreciating the value of Ayurveda which offer permanent solutions.

Considering the rising popularity of Ayurvedic therapies one does wonder if these treatments are long-term solutions. Ayurveda is not a mere form of medicine, it is a way of life. It offers a holistic approach, wherein the mind, body and soul are treated together and not in isolation of one another.

Stress can no longer be taken lightly as it has become an established medical problem affecting both body and mind. Hence the next time you feel the need to get de-stressed go for the ancient route of Ayurveda that are known to have zero side affects and are available to suit each one’s pocket.

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