Who is ur messenger this new yr-greeting cards or SMS?

Until a few years ago one could spot youngsters thronging greeting card stores during Christmas and New Year season. However with technological advancement of mobiles and its usage, things have changed. Today the youth primarily thinks of convenience, time saving modes, cost-effective methods to greet each other. A survey by a leading mobile service provider in Australia had indicated that Australians would rather receive and send a text message during the holiday seasons than a Christmas card. With e-mails ruling over snail mails, has Short Message Service taken over the Greeting cards?

Says Pooja Rajpal, Branch Head of a PR firm, “ Though personally I would like to take the effort and send greeting cards to everyone on my list, I am unable to do so due to hectic schedules and time constraints.” Adding further she says, “ Moreover Text messaging is cheaper and much easier route than going to a store and selecting cards”.

In the view of Smitha, an architect, “ SMS rules anytime. It’s cheaper, trendy and quicker.” Thinking about it more deeply she adds, “ Maybe for my close ones I would go and buy a card but for a general acquaintance, SMS is the right option.”

The SMS has some advantages like it is cost-effective, faster and the messages can be simple and customized. On the other hand greeting card lovers defend their stance of preferring greeting cards over SMS like Vikas Sharma, CEO, AyurShop.com, “ In my opinion a greeting card is much more attractive to wish someone as it indicates that you have taken the effort to choose a card and post it. Value of a greeting card is much more than a general SMS which looks like the same message sent by hundreds of people.”

According to R. Jeevanandam, Store-In-charge of Archies Gallery at Vijayanagar,” I don’t agree that SMS usage has affected the sale of greeting cards. We’ve seen that even though teenagers are not enthusiastic about buying cards for New Year’s season, we do have a regular family crowd above the age of 25 who are keen on buying cards. He adds further, “ Since about a month, people have been coming to buy the cards, if they were not interested we wouldn’t be seeing the last minute rush like we have been seeing for the last few years”.

The attractiveness of wishing someone through a greeting card may have come down with teenagers; but as long as there are loyal greeting card lovers and corporates who prefer sending cards for Christmas and New Year greetings, it can never go out of fashion. Moreover a card that has a personal touch cannot replace a text message that appears too mechanical and non-personal where one button can delete the existence of the message completely.

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