Unwanted attention for a non actress

I have been refraining myself from writing about her as I did not want to be judgmental. But Karenjit Kaur Vohra aka, Sunny Leone is bombarding through paid pictures in a supplement of TOI, being celebrated by TV shows and news about her is coming everywhere.

I happened to go to a mall recently and I went to the poster closely that declared Ragini MMS -2. I remember being not a serious fan of spooky films, there was something mysterious about the first movie and thankfully I was not disappointed with the story line (Ragini MMS). I remember even the promotional material and marketing tricks were good enough for a complete hater of sexual films to go and check out Ragini MMS dekha kya?

Here right from the posters to the kiss between two female starlets and everything else is nothing else but body show. When I mentioned this to a friend, he said, ” Jis film mein Sunny Leone rehagi, aur kya expect karegi?”

Shame that Hindi film needs another non actress to act here in films. I would have appreciated if Ms.Sunny had done something dramatic in acting than body display for which she doesn’t need any training, effort or encouragement.

Sad, but have to repeat this again, I think… Hindi film producers and directors, stop women objectification.

You guys are bimbos not us. Brains are better to be showcased than anything else. And yes Sunny may be basking in the limelight but hoping there will be lot more women(and men..am I asking for more???) who do not want to watch a dud film again.

Thankfully now we have choices for good cinema, need not watch skin display for the sake of being in the limelight.

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