Working at a good time


TRENDS Office spaces have morphed from dull and boring to cool and funky

Work environments today are very different from the dull, dreary grey spaces of yore. Today’s offices speak a different language. They are going all out to provide things to keep the workforce engaged. Amenities such as great cuisine and ambience, gyms and more are all contributing to the fun quotient at work.

Some companies even mention the cool stuff they have on their websites. Intel Bangalore has massage chairs and a shoe shine service apart from many recreational facilities. Smriti Goel, HR Manager, Intel South Asia says: “There is life beyond work. Companies need to recognize this fact and keep its employees happy to get the best out of them.”

Year-end company bashes, music performances by celebrity singers, reality and comedy shows are popular with young people. Apart from entertainment options, organisations invest in well-designed swimming pools, gyms, lounges and cafeterias as well.

Cisco’s Bangalore office has a lot of facilities for its employees. There are game rooms with a snooker zone and a music room with different sections for western and Indian music as well as Karaoke facilities. There is even a box office area where employees can watch films of their choice or use the space to put up performances. The relaxation lounges with recliners and massage chairs is ideal for some rest and rejuvenation.

Shwetha M., working as an analyst with a FMCG company says, “As I spend most of my time either commuting or in office, I expect my organization to keep me happy apart from the monetary terms. Emotional well-being is a great reason for me to be in an organization and fun activities at work or recreational facilities keep me energised.”

Vibrant environments, bright colours and lively interiors are intended to add to the happiness quotient. And thanks to some of these initiatives, coming to work is not such a chore.

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