Breakfast in speed up mode

With busy schedules dictating food habits, it seems that instant food mixes and batters are here to stay.

One cannot ignore the Deepika Padukone starrer commercial that talks about her two-week challenge for a slim waist for an upcoming wedding season, thanks to her choice of diet- a bowl of cereal. In the times of enormous marketing for global foods and breakfast options with breads, cereals and smoothies, we might have become diet conscious or ready to try an increased menu for variety, but we have not yet given up on traditional menus.

The time-constrained urban Indian consumer has started adopting quicker fixes for preparing traditional cuisines. Many urban Indians pick up a pack of ready-to-use batter meant to cook idlis or dosas when they are out shopping. It is not just instant idli or dosa batters that are making way to our kitchens.

Even traditional rice recipes that were earlier manually ground at home involving multiple ingredients have changed to instant rice recipes and masala powders available in convenient pouches. Convenience and non-fussy efforts in kitchens are bringing about a change in the traditional south Indian palatte.<

Ten years ago, it was not uncommon to find a heavy grinding stone in the kitchen or a bride using a traditional coconut scraper . Today with modern kitchen equipments, from food processors to easy-to-use swanky looking coconut scrapers, These items have started to become obsolete in urban areas. Ashwini Nath, a customer service executive says, “Nothing beats the convenience and variety of instant batter that can be churned anytime to make a good south Indian breakfast. There are days when I do end up making sandwiches for breakfast. The availability of read to use batters and breakfast mixes ensures that you can cook a nice meal in quick time.

”“When we were young, preparation of a meal involved a lot of time and effort. There were no distractions and it was an accepted practice for women to grind at home, pound the masalas and ensure that every meal is prepared . Today it is the time of instant results for everything in life, so how can cuisines be left out?,” quips Saraswathi Rao, a sixty year old home-maker.

Published in the Hindu Metro Plus, Bangalore on June 13th 2014-

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