Onam in Bangalore -2014

As I read an article this morning in the Hindu on more and more people knowing about an important festival from Kerala, I have begun to nod my head in complete agreement- it is indeed a pleasant surprise.

Nothing surprising, that Bangaloreans are open to new cultures, but this year Onam spirit is surely high enough seen on friday-sat-over the sunday.

Have been noticing that people and since yesterday, particularly college students are dressed in the real Kerala saree, the golden and cream combination. Even corporates are having their employees dressed in onam related outfits. I remember two years ago, as I was working for a firm that had lot of people who wanted to celebrate, I took the initiative and we had onam rangoli competitions.

Employees dressed in the way Keralites dress during festive occasions and excitedly I too purchased a saree for myself. Of course I do wear it once in a while.

Women regardless of belonging to Kerala or not are celebrating with complete ‘josh’ this time in Bangalore and this time as Onam falls on a Sunday, September 7th.

Another noticeable trend this time people wanting to feast on Onam sadhya -supposedly made by the people who celebrate. This time a lot of restaurants are advertising well in advance for people to come and have the elaborate meal.

All in all, as long as happy times and smiling faces are around I guess Bangoreans get into the spirit of celebrating many other festivals and occassions. Soon it will be Dandiya time. For now it is happy onam.

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