An offer you can refuse

Beware of the reduced price shopping syndrome or you will end up with stuff you don’t really need

Have you noticed how you buy stuff you don’t really need thanks to sale and discount ads?

Welcome to the world of impulse shopping where gullible shoppers repeatedly fall for offers. Even supermarkets have discounts tied to specific days.

Preeti S, a homemaker says: “In the last two months, I have bought several things to revamp my wardrobe and ended up with a few unnecessary home décor items thanks to an offer.

Vishal Parashar, a college student says, “Peer pressure ensures that we buy clothes, shoes and mobile accessories often.

Sometimes I buy high-end branded clothing when it is on sale. I find everyone doing it.

Moreover it’s a nice feeling to be seen in good clothes.”

Vishal admits he spends a large percentage of his pocket money on clothes at these discounted stores and so needs to spend at least a fortnight every two months with practically no money to compensate his sudden expenditure.

Malls and branded stores are super accessible these days given that every locality has them, which also contributes to impulse buys.

However, the easiest way to deal with the lure of discounts would be to say no and move on.

A few tips for the next time you go shopping

? Carry a fixed amount of cash when you go to a mall rather than a card

? The next time you see a tempting offer, work out whether you really need to have that outfit or implement.

? Analyze your needs against your wants

? With plenty of options available, browse a few stores and online before taking the plunge.

? Try and postpone your decision for a few days and review whether you really need the purchase.

Published on September 9th 2014

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